Thursday, 19 October 2017

Veganism and its psychological cost

       Last night I discovered one more passionate activist for animals rights, Joey Carbstrong. Among the videos he is uploading on his personal channel on You tube, he has one video from a Halal slaughterhouse ( Halal means clean in Arabic and it;s the only way of killing an animal which is accepted by Muslims in order to eat the meat of an animal. This way of slaughtering is taking place without stunning the animal - not that when the animals are stunned they get anesthetized or don't feel the pain, but like this they can't move so it's more to facilitate the slaughterer than for the comfort of the animal). Which of course I did NOT watch because I am not as strong as activists like him are...who are able to enter slaughterhouses and dairy industry premises in order to expose what is going in there - hoping that people will wake up and make the connection (just like I woke up, by watching the first 20-30 minutes of Earthlings)...

        However I watched the video he uploaded after this horrendous experience because he received many messages from followers who were worried about him, asking if he is suffering from PTSD , how will he recover after being witness to something like that etc. I also decided to watch 2 more video of his which are showing rescued farm animals. Pigs and cows, ducks, sheep, goats, hens, turkeys...Animals which - as the owner of the sanctuary stated - we must call as survivors. Because they indeed are survivors of a holocaust that is taking place everywhere, on a daily basis, next to us and no one is talking about it.

       No one except us - the activists, the vegans who we are - in the eyes of an average person - unbalanced, oversensitive, extreme etc.

       And in case the comparison to the holocaust is something you consider inappropriate or extreme, watch what a survivor of the Holocaust has to say about the first time he saw a slaughterhouse (and since then he has been dedicated to the fight for animals rights)

      Below you can read several quotes from some Holocaust survivors / people who lost family during the Holocaust:


I refuse to eat animals because I cannot nourish myself by the sufferings and by the death of other creatures. I refuse to do so, because I suffered so painfully myself that I can feel the pains of others by recalling my own sufferings.”

Edgar Kupfer-Koberwitz, Dachau concentration camp survivor

“Auschwitz begins wherever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: they’re only animals.”

Theodor W. Adorno

"In their behaviour towards creatures, all men are Nazi."

Isaac Bashevis Singer – a member of a family perished in the Holocaust and a Nobel Prize winner

“When I see cages crammed with chickens from battery farms thrown on trucks like bundles of trash, I see, with the eyes of my soul, the Umschlagplatz (where Jews were forced onto trains leaving for the death camps). When I go to a restaurant and see people devouring meat, I feel sick. I see a holocaust on their plates.”

Georges Metanomski, a Holocaust survivor who fought in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising


I decided to watch videos of rescued farm animals because I cannot keep fighting for a cause which sometimes seems lost, without "charging" my soul's batteries.

Today my good friend and co-warrior Anastasia shared a photo by another passionate activist, Joshua Entis, showing some activists in UK looking towards a slaughterhouse, somewhere in England. They cannot see but they can hear.

12-10-2017: England - Outside of a slaughterhouse where million of animals are driven to death
The text under is the following:

"Dear Animals,

We see you. We see the pain in your eyes. We see how innocent you are. We see how much you want to live.

We hear you. We hear your voices loud and clear. We hear your screams. We hear how terrified you are.

Please, hang in there.

There are many of us fighting for you. We know it might not look like many, but, we promise that is changing. Every day there are more of us opening our eyes and ears in order to see and hear the beautiful beings that you are.

We will help the world find the compassion within their hearts to extend love to all of you. We will never stop until you are free.

With so much love,


Bearing witness outside Forge Farm Meats as hundreds of innocent animals are forced to their death.

Kent Animal Save"

It was impossible for me not to cry reading this. Because it is true, we see how innocent they are, how much they want to live. As much as I want to live, as much as you, who are reading this text now, want, as much as my dogs want, as much as the cat you saw the other day wants, as much as the dolphins for whom people sign petitions to set them free want, as much as the rhinos and the elephants who you are reading that are threatened by poachers because they want to sell their bones want and this drives you nuts, as much as EVERYONE wants.
     And yes, we are many out there fighting for them. Daily. Some of us have even decided that our life is dedicated to this fight no matter the cost.
    And indeed, we will not stop, unless they are all free.And even if I know that my physical self will not be here to experience this total animal liberation when it will take place, this doesn't bother me. Nothing can bother me.
    Nothing, except the ignorance of an average human being. Nothing can make me lose my hope as much as seeing people, younger than me who pose with pride for a photo at their friend's hot-dog business. A moment where already the WHO has stated that processed meat (ham, salami etc) are carcinogenics, to see a young person at the age of 25-26 bragging for their parents business which only sows death, drives me crazy.

There are moments that I want to scream "WATCH!LISTEN!" to these people.

Have they ever thought that the sausage is part of an animal who was boiled alive in order to die?
An animal which is more clever than the dog, an animal with feelings who was dreaming when sleeping like us, who loved their family? An animal which was born, lived and killed in the darkness?An animal which only felt fear and which never smelled fresh air? That, before dying, it had shit itself when fighting for its life in a space where it got killed with violence, a space which only smells urine and fear of death?
And the fact that it smells of death is something that the slaughterers have stated. But, as Joey has said, it doesn't smell death. It smells of MURDER! Because meat is MURDER!
                                                        And I wonder....

 When will the people around us realize that we are not crazy? When will the people who love us understand that when they are ordering latte or toast with cheese, we directly see in front of us the baby which was taken from its mother with violence and we hear again and again the mother's cry which lasts for days, searching for her baby? A baby that was a result of rape. Rape by humans.

And with that "opportunity" I am sharing here with you something that a woman wrote yesterday in regards to the campaign against the harassment and rape: "#metoo Yes. I too was harassed and abused sexually, physically, verbally, emotionally and economically. I was lucky to have the support of my human language, my freedom, lawyers, psychologists, doctors and police that are available to humans, and family and friends that live in freedom to be able to support me. ) 

I feel blessed about my privilege to be able to find support, while each day I honor and remember all human and non-human females that do not have a voice and their freedom to get protection, defense or support in any way.

I do not differentiate between humans and animals. To me all females are females. All mothers are mothers. All daughters are daughters. All sisters are sisters. We are all animals that come from and go to the same source. Sometimes as humans and others as animals. This is truly the real meaning of#weareone #onelove #love " 

I want the people who don't understand us to learn that the machine with which they are impregnating the cows is called rape rack (I mean, what else do these people need to learn in order to accept that it's indeed a rape since the very name of the machine has the word rape in it???).

I want these people to get to know that the way the sperm of the bull is collected is this one:

And in case they are "luckier" (meaning they get to have real sex with a cow), I want them to watch how they are enjoying the sex that they have to do it tied up. But they have to watch it with order to hear how cows are enjoying it. And to focus on the eyes of the bull.

 I also want them to learn that in order to produce cheese, rennet is needed which is a complex of enzymes produced in the 4th stomach of the young animals of ruminant mammals (cows, sheep, goats). This helps the young animals to digest their mother's milk. In the case they use rennet from an animal that is no longer breast feeding, the cheese may be of lower quality.

In other words, if they kill the baby when it's no longer breastfeeding, the cheese will not be that "good". Do you realize what is going on out there for...taste (and not for survival) ...?

But more than anything, I want the people who have already understood that we are right, the people who have already seen some things and have read about all that, the ones who are aware, I want them to move on and change their lifestyle. These people who are saying that they are feeling ashamed to look at us in the eyes because they haven't quit animal products...These people who are still eating a cow mother's food and the indolence is winning them...I want them to remember all that I have shared in this blog post next time they are about to eat animal products. Because these people are one step before the change and I am almost sure that they don't want to feel excluded from the mainstream society. Some are scared to take this last breath and dive because they know the psychological cost that we are experiencing, all of us, who already did it. 
But what matters the most? Does taste value more than an animal's life? Is it higher, the value of comfort than the value of life?

                      We are not made to eat animals!

       EDUCATE YOURSELF! Before it's too late....

                     There are so many documentaries with lots of doctors speaking (Forks over Knives, What the health, Eating you alive, Food Inc., Plant Pure Nation) and lots of scientific papers that someone can find online which all prove the correlation between consumption of animal products and their by-products (get over it, the words meat and dairy are created so people can speak about their food without doing the connection that it's a part of a dead animal or product of an abused animal) with the presence of many types of cancer (breast, prostate, ovarian, colon), rheumatic arthritis, dementia, osteoporosis and many more chronic diseases. Which shouldn't leave nowadays any doubt for anyone living in the western world that has access to knowledge in order to justify animal products consumption.

There are many excuses but there is NO justification!

                                        The food we were born to eat - Dr. Mc Dougall 

So if we are not designed to eat animals, why are we doing it? Just because we can? 
In that case, the rapist can keep raping women because he can. White people can keep abusing, exploiting and enslave black people...And men can still abuse their women and kids.
What, no?
If these ideas are bothering you then the idea of an animal suffering should bother you as well. 

Please, if you are reading this text and you are still eating animal products, do the transgression. Open your heart and mind, go vegan and know that no matter how big the psychological cost is, when we are thinking, how many battles we have to give... the feeling when you go to bed knowing that you didn't eat, wear nor wash yourself (with) something that for its production an animal had to get killed, cannot be compared to anything. 
At the end of our life, when we will turn to look back, we will feel peace because we 'll know that we decided to stand at the right side of the history. What about you?

If you want to go vegan but you need further advice, subscribe here:

Nutritionists, activists etc will be advising you throughout the first 22 days...I wish I had this opportunity when I turned vegan....

Saturday, 16 September 2017

How do vegans have sex?

vegan condoms, fair trade, environment and the unethical rubber industry

(scroll down for a list of vegan condoms)

How our mainstream condoms hurt animals, the environment, the workers and us, the consumers. When we talk about going vegan, we talk about cutting out all sorts of stuff. But never before have I heard someone mention how harmful the rubber industry is to animals and that in fact, the condoms we use are not vegan at all.

Rubber farming – How are condoms made?

Cheese Addiction Is Real: But You Can Break Out Of It (via Plant Based News)

The ultimate guide to why cheese is so addictive - and how to give it up

By Veronica Powell

Many people say they would go vegan... but they are addicted to cheese.
I can relate - when I went vegan, my cheese cravings reached epic proportions, and there were times I even daydreamed about cheese, as if it was a drug… 
The truth is, cheese addiction is real, and once you break free from it, the cravings stop. 


What makes cheese so addictive is the extremely high concentration of the milk protein casein that, when digested, results in casomorphins.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Why should I neuter my pet?

How many times have we heard people saying that they hesitate to neuter their pets? How many times have we heard people arguing they don't want to go against nature by having them neutered? And how many times have we found puppies or kittens in trash cans by the same exact people saying these things?

Unfortunately, the answer for all these questions is "Way too many."

This is why I have decided to make here a list of all the reasons that ALL those who have pets MUST neuter them.

Neutering is by no means inhumane; instead it is an act of responsibility and a humane intervention to the normal development of your pet's life. This intervention is simple, painless and harmless.

On the long term it is the best for everyone in the family but mostly for the pet itself. I should hereby point out that all service and working dogs including guide dogs for the blind, therapy dogs, rescue dogs hearing dogs for the hearing impaired etc have been neutered in all cases!

Why should I neuter my companion pet?

To begin with, so as to narrow down the increase of stray animals that already exist in the streets ending up in brutal deaths.

But you will argue... "I will find responsible people to adopt the babies".

Yeah... sure, OK. But how can you be so sure that there won't be 8 or 10 puppies / kittens? And how consciously will all these people adopt the offspring of your pet? Do they all know what it means to adopt an animal?

Or are they under the impression that by buying a doghouse to which they will tie up their dog and throw some food at it every day then everything will be OK?

Because sadly people who do exactly these things are WAY TOO MANY... In fact, those people who simply leave them at their homes' gardens or even worse at their holiday homes' garden all alone during most of their lives, with no love and attention whatsoever are even more.

Not to mention that taking care of animals doesn't simply mean providing food and shelter but also vaccinating them on a yearly basis, de-worming or de-parisiting, blood tests etc.

Neutering benefits your pet

Hormonal activity on non neutered animals leads to bad mental and physical attitude and negatively affects its behavior – given that effectively, it’s nothing more than just unfulfilled estruses.

In addition, neutering makes animals’ life easier alongside humans, as there are no longer issues with females’ dirty spots during their menstrual cycles, there are no longer tendencies of running away as well as no more pissing for territory marking for male cats and dogs. This also causes an exceptionally bad smell to their tail and other body parts that are sprayed in the process, which is difficult to remove. Finally, the animals’ nervousness and aggressiveness is also taken out.

Problems with non-neutered (spayed) female animals

Non-neutered female animals are in danger of suffering several health issues which if not diagnosed early, can be fatal:

-Breast cancer
(there is actually a mathematical loop that shows the possibility of a female animal getting breast cancer in connection with her estruses and births. The more estruses and births, the larger the possibility for her to get breast cancer.)
-Uterus and ovaries cancer

Thus, neutering of female animals shouldn’t take place only in case that his owner wishes to have her mate with a male animal in order to give birth to new puppies or kittens.
In any other case, neutering should take place two months after her first estrus (and appearance of blood) so as to drastically reduce the possibility of getting breast cancer and in the future to totally remove the possibility of getting pyometra and additionally uterus and ovaries cancer.

When numbers speak:

-It should be noted that female dogs have estrus twice a year lasting three weeks while female cats have estrus thrice a year lasting seven to twenty days. Therefore, if you don’t neuter your female dog or cat and if those who will adopt their puppies or kittens do not in turn neuter them and consequently their own puppies or kittens, then you would do well to remember these numbers:

-During the first six years of your female dog and her puppies, approximately 67, 000 new puppies will be born.
-Within 7 years, a female cat and her kittens will be possibly able to deliver no less than 420.000 kittens!

Problems with non-neutered male animals:

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Selective empathy: The ethical schizophrenia of our times

It's been a long time of deep thinking about selective empathy.

It is very important for me to finally express the thoughts that keep coming in mind almost daily, the questions that stay unanswered and the conclusions I may have done until now.


Veganism is growing exponentially throughout the world (ex. 360% raise in 10 years in Britain) so this means that a new international community is emerging and it needs to be respected because veganism is a protected belief under the Article 9 of the European Convention for the protection of Human rights.

But what exactly is veganism? It's a lifestyle that avoids all animal foods such as meat, dairy, eggs and honey, animal derived products like leather and as far as possible, products tested on animals. The Vegan Society's formal definition is "veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food,clothing or any other purpose".

Do you find this extreme? I am sure that it makes sense to everyone when they read that. Then why vegans are considered as extremists, terrorists or crazy? My personal opinion is because they are showing the ugly truth of our society's killed values. This makes people who still follow the lifestyle that they have adopted or even obeyed without ever questioning it, to feel guilty and (especially the ones among them who consider themselves as animal lovers) extremely uncomfortable as well.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

How to change the way you look at all the stuff...

There are some documentaries, some songs (like the Sunscreen) and some movies (like Amelie) that can have such an influence on our personalities that no school could do so.

One of those is the "Story of stuff" that I watched back on July of 2009 during an eco-volunteering trip I was doing with the amazing team of Pelagos Institute . This documentary lasts only 20 minutes but it makes you understand that recycle is not the answer. Nor the solution. Consuming wisely is.
Even though it focus on U.S where over-consumption is indeed a big issue, still, Europe unfortunately "follows" its "example" so it talks overall about western society's stuff stories.

Do we ever think how each and every stuff we get to buy has been produced/transported etc? Do we ever think about the stuff we tend to throw away so easily? Where do they come from and where do they go?

Saturday, 21 November 2015

A Hellenic woman for the refugees in Lesvos

Yesterday I fell asleep around 6.00 in the morning (so it was actually today). 
I was answering  messages of people that want to come and volunteer in Lesvos. 

Last night I went out for the first time since a LONG time, in Athens, with some nice women that are also volunteering...

I felt for the first time less of an alien since I came back from Lesvos. 

I felt happiness, sympathy and understanding.
I did not have to feel guilty for checking my phone every now and then and answer to refugees & volunteers' queries and update myself regarding how many NON Syrians, Afghans & Iraqis are stuck in our borders.

Why did I feel like an alien since I came back though?

Well because in Athens, life goes on (!) as if there are no people dying in our Greek seas...

People go to their jobs, youngsters are out with their friends...the neighbors keep throwing their rubbish in my bin, friends are still asking me when we will go for a coffee....bills need to be paid, sun is shining and I am the only one stuck in time, memories and hardcore experiences that I went through my 2 missions.

I hit my knee and I start crying like a baby, "what is wrong with  me", I was wondering?

I  was waking up and I realized that I was dreaming of the camps in Skala Sykamnia & OXY and of the people walking on the streets of Lesvos. THIS ENDLESS WALK. Hundreds of people walking by the side of the road, hungry, thirsty, exhausted....Some of them get even some rest without caring if someone may hit them with the car...

I don't know how many bananas, apples, water bottles and salty snacks I gave away during the first mission in Lesvos. 
I only know that the money run out so fast under these circumstances.....that you thank God for having a credit card able to pay the big supermarkets.

You FORGET about the CRISIS in GREECE.... You realize you are OK as long as you have a house to stay, freedom of speech and food to eat. As long as your country is not bombed every day...